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Start Finishing

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Start Finishing

Is a taste of winter on the way?


Although it probably seems to many as though I approach voluminous aspects of life and work, with tunnel vision; a ‘go through a brick wall’ mentality.  I choose to believe otherwise even if all evidence suggests the contrary.  As an admittedly driven individual, (no revelation there) I actually do look for the easier softer way on occasion.  My problem with the easier softer way is that it usually doesn’t produce satisfactory results.  I want a great lot of life to be an easier journey; it invariably seems to me that the well-worn path is unsatisfactory.  I want the path of least resistance; often the greater resistance path is the only one I can be okay with.


We’ve all heard the expression, “ Easy come, easy go”.  For me, that is a true statement.  I cannot think of a single thing in life that has come with little or no effort on my part, which has any lasting value or meaning to me.  Not a single thing.  I’m not sure whether those things actually have little value, or that I simply cannot appreciate them.  I don’t think it matters.  It is as though they haven’t happened.  I don’t think my brain is capable of registering those events.  Apparently they aren’t traumatic enough.


That said, I am rarely a perfectionist.  One area where I am is in pouring concrete.  Concrete is so permanent; I can’t bear to look at a badly finished project for the rest of my life.  Plants are much more forgiving.  I guess that is why I am in the nursery business and I hire concrete finishers to do their handiwork for me.  Plants usually grow through mistakes like a bad haircut; a poor trim job might be embarrassing for a while, but it will pass with time.  I can’t handle the bitter morass of self-loathing that can come from delusional attempts at concrete finishing.  In my case, the best action to take in concrete is to not start finishing in the first place.


Be weather aware,


David Bates


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