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Spring Draws to a Close

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Spring Draws to a Close

Gardening questions answered: The At Home Show


We have enjoyed the return to warmth and showers from the sky. We’ve been a bit too dry at times, a bit too wet at others.  We have had some late frosts and freezes, as well as heat. We have all had to deal with a worldwide plague.  Even so, it has been a good spring.  To say the least, spring 2020 has been memorable, but the time to say farewell draws near. Summer looms on the horizon. Before we put this spring in the rear-view mirror, it is proper to consider a late spring gardening checklist to be best prepared for what lies ahead. 


First: Water.  It is easy to become lulled into a sense of security when rainfall is plentiful and regular.  Be mindful of new plantings, as it gets hotter and drier. Make special preparations for plant care while you’re on vacation.  Consider asking a neighbor who has similar watering needs.  Perhaps you could water their plants while they’re away, and they reciprocate during your absence.


Second: Fertilizer. Many folks have made the transition to organic fertilizer.  That is good.  The singular downside is the release time. Some chemical fertilizers may last many months or an entire year.  Organics need monthly re-application.  Mark your calendar.


Third: Pests.  If you are a conifer lover, this is the time to check/treat for bagworms and spider mites. This should be done immediately.  Juvenile bagworms are now on the move; spider mites are building population numbers. They are both easier and more effectively treated now. I recommend choosing products that contain PermethrinPermethrin has a broad spectrum of effective coverage


Gardening creates many questions.  On “The At Home Show” last week, we discussed problems with Hinoki Cypress and Crape MyrtleIf you’re having those issues, I suggest you go to the 15:43 mark of last week’s show. Call anytime: 615-499-6690; leave a message.  We’ll discuss!


Free iced bottled water daily. This is our last Sunday to be open. Beginning Monday, our hours change: Mon-Sat 9am-4pm; Closed Sundays


David Bates


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