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Soaked Thoroughly

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Soaked Thoroughly

Come on by for “in the dry” shopping, or simply to stroll around! Next week looks promising…


With our collective lives placed “on hold”, for essentially a week, it is indeed welcome, to again have a sense of normalcy… whatever that is. That “normalcy “ has come in the damp form. Most of us have received more than two inches of rainfall, while others further south (and west), considerably more than that. The rain, combined with the melted slush from snow, has created conditions that could be confused with a quagmire. To say it’s muddy is an understatement.  The warmer temperatures have certainly made the want for “digging in the dirt” present. It’s somewhat difficult to dig in the dirt, when the only thing available, is muck.


This too, shall pass. Despite the fact that current conditions are squishy, the outlook for next week looks most favorable. The end of January, and the beginning of February, currently appears to be a milder, and sun-likely environment. This does not mean winter weather is over. What it does mean, is that not only will we likely receive a physical break in the winter routine, but a mental one as well. I don’t think anyone will complain about that.


I invite you to come out and have a walk around. Our facilities do lend themselves well to being able to enjoy gardening life, without having to be disrupted by whatever the weather may be doing.Additionally, you might adjust your focus to things inside the house. We really emphasize having a tremendous selection of indoor plants/tropicals for your perusal. To complement those things, we have an extensive selection of containers of all sizes and colors and, of course, we also recommend the use of EarthMix® Proganix-i™. Proganix-i™ is excellent for indoor gardening, and because it has no peat moss, it doesn’t attract or promote fungus gnats.


Tune in this Saturday morning, live at 8 AM, for answers to your questions: “Gardening Inside Out”. You can listen to our Podcast anytime, on your schedule! Follow and contact us:  FacebookEmail. Instagram.


David Bates


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