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Root Nashville

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Root Nashville

33% off all deciduous trees, B&B Living Christmas trees, and tropicals (including poinsettias, xmas cactus and more!)


We are all a part of the tremendous growth that is happening in Nashville.  We all live here because we enjoy the culture and the climate and the opportunities that are associated with being the ‘IT’ city.  Unfortunately, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows.  There is a price that is paid for our progress, i.e. – loss of trees due to widespread construction. Fortunately, that can be mitigated.  The city of Nashville in conjunction with the Cumberland River Compact has a 30+ year plan, along with a way to track progress.


Root Nashville is a public/private campaign, led by Metro Nashville and the Cumberland River Compact, to plant 500,000 trees across Davidson County by 2050.  You read that number right.  500,000 trees is a rather large number; pretty close to half a million, and that is a bunch. By my math, over the next 31 years, we need to plant over 16,000 trees a year to achieve that goal.  That is over 300 trees a week; essentially 44 trees a day, every day, for the next 31 years.  Pretty ambitious


It can be done.  This tree-planting-advocacy-coalition has put together an online tool for all of us to use. You can get to the Tree Plotter website by clicking here.  Once there, you must register.  After that, you are given access to the Tree Plotter interface.  This gives you the ability to plot each new tree you plant in your yard, either exactly where every specific tree is planted, or you can choose to simply add them all to your property without plotting their exact location.  I recommend using Chrome browser; I did incur issues with both Safari and Firefox.


Here’s your chance to save big on trees, and a few other items.  We are now offering Bates Rewards members (you) 33% off ALL deciduous trees, balled and burlapped living Christmas trees, and everything tropical.  This sale does include Japanese maples, poinsettias, Christmas cactus and more!


Root Nashville on; Happy Holidays!


David Bates


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