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Popcorn Percolator

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Popcorn Percolator

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The atmosphere percolates like an old coffee pot; thunderstorms build in the afternoon warmth. These single-cell storms are often called "popcorn thunderstorms" because they look from above, like popped kernels of corn. They occur most often here in the sticky South. Unlike popcorn, they do not occur in abundance, therefore the enjoyment of it is widely spread; leaving many only drooling for a bite.


These pockets of thunderstorms often pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, due to the heat of summer. As morning sunshine warms the earth; the air above warms. Much farther up, the story changes.  Usually, above 40,000 feet, the air doesn't warm as quickly or as much. Consequently, the lower atmosphere becomes unstable. The warm air wants to rise; once it starts, it doesn't stop until it hits cooler air above it.


In a blink of the eye, the weather changes. Rains from an earlier occurrence quickly become a distant memory. The current weather trend for many has little to do with rainfall.  The exact opposite is much closer to the truth.  The lack of rainfall is a legitimate concern.  Trying to manage your landscape, making the best use of available resources may necessitate a few changes to your garden plan.


While the ground may not be literally sizzling, it is quite crunchy in many locations; at least the grass is.  I’m not a huge turfgrass proponent: weather, such as we are currently having, might make you feel similarly. Lawns require a lot of water that resides near the surface, therefore it quickly evaporates, requiring frequent irrigation to perpetuate that ‘green carpet’ look.  Trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennials and other landscape plantings, can be watered much more deeply, and are far more adept at managing ‘dry spells’ than are our lawns.


This may be the time for you to consider expanding some planting areas, and reduce turf in the process.  Since you’re a BatesRewards member, we’re here to help!  Through July 14, all Monrovia plants, and bagged EarthMix® SuperNatural™, are 14% off!*


David Bates


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