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Perpetual Gardening

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Perpetual Gardening

I have no prophetic insight as to what lies ahead for us all in 2022.  I feel strongly that life will present for us, both joy and pain.  At least within the constraints of my 65-year experience, these emotional extremes are indeed necessary for understanding, and appreciating the other.  I’m not a huge fan of pain, but I do know, how good it feels, when it quits hurting. At this time of year, we all begin to ponder what we should have done, and should do.  After perhaps too much holiday cheer, a return to reality is inevitable; it should not be dreaded.


There is no joy that equates being with nature.  That is why gardeners are so passionate about their gardens, whether they are indoors or out.  It is winter, and most of us spend more time indoors this time of year, than at other times. With doors and windows closed, the heat turned on, and the introduction of many new items into our homes made from synthetic materials, it’s no wonder if the air where we live doesn’t always feel wonderful, especially at this time of year.


It is quite natural to simply think about purchasing some new-fangled appliance to filter the air.  Another prevalent option is an upgrade to more expensive filters for your central heat and air system.  Those choices are excellent if removing particulate matter from the air is the goal, but to remove the toxins we bring into the house every day, you need something far more advanced: Plants.


Plants provide the finest system ever produced for removing all these airborne assailants in your home.  All tropical plants filter the air and remove these toxins.  Determine the amount of light you have available where you plan to add some foliage; we’ll help you choose flora you can be successful with!


We have the most extensive selection of tropicals…anywhere: Search our extensive tropical plant inventory; Click Here


Our winter hours, starting Monday January 3, 2022:


9am – 4pm Monday – Friday; 10a – 2p Saturdays


Happy New Year from your friends at Bates Nursery!


David Bates


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