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Only Two Days

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Only Two Days

Friday and Saturday only; All Deciduous Trees 50% off*!


Voting for The Nashville Scene’s ‘Best of Nashville’ ends at 11:59pm Thursday September 6, 2018. 


Weekends, they come and go…quickly.  Sometimes weekends seem to just go.  The end of the workweek arrives seemingly just moments before the new week is at hand.  Exactly where do the weekends go and why are they in such a hurry?  Not everyone’s weekend falls on ‘the weekend’. Some people have their ‘weekend’ in the middle of the week while others vary from one week to the next.  It doesn’t matter.  Regardless, it is only two days.


Does that mean you should plan your weekend down to the last minute so that you can squeeze every last drop of relaxation and enjoyment out of it possible?  Well, no.  I believe the closer I get to no planning, achieves the desired effect.   I enjoy planning and doing stuff, but sometimes I enjoy planning and doing nothing.  On occasion, I sometimes feel most productive when I completely unplug.  I think it’s a good thing…when time permits.


Time has all but run out for voting for Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville 2018. If you're reading this on Thursday, you have only hours to vote. Click here for The Nashville Scene’s ‘Best of Nashville’, voting ends at 11:59pm Thursday September 6, 2018.  That is today.  If you have already been kind enough to vote for us, thank you! 


We are winding up our tree sale.  Only two days remain; those two days happen to be this weekend.  Friday and Saturday only, we are offering: All remaining deciduous trees at 50% off*, but it is for only two days!  Choose from shade, ornamental, fruit trees savings and selections you will likely not find again.  Remember, take photos of the areas where you desire to plant and bring those along on your smartphone or tablet.  Our landscape professionals will help you get the right trees, in the right place, the first time…and at unprecedented savings.  Sale ends Saturday September 8, 2018.


David Bates


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