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On the Verge

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On the Verge

Our newly remodeled checkout/sales area is now open! Seasonal help needed!


Now a week into March, we are on the verge of spring.  Trucks have been rolling in all week; there are many more on the way.  We are beginning to look remarkably like a nursery again!  Cool season vegetables and flowering plants are here; we even have a few tomato plants now, for you extra early birds.


While the enthusiasm associated with this time of year is difficult to contain, I will encourage you to use a degree of restraint; planting time is great for trees, shrubs and perennials.  Flowering things other than pansies, violas and primrose should wait.  Something that should not wait is trimming your liriope (monkey grass).  Use your bagging push mower set at the highest setting. Not only will they all be trimmed nice and even, all of the clippings will be collected for you; makes great compost material.  Liriope will soon be beginning to push a bit in some areas, trim now to avoid clipping new growth.


We are looking to fill seasonal spring employment slots; specifically for point-of-sale clerks.  Additionally, we are looking for some seasonal greenhouse workers and loaders.  If you have interest, experience (at least good computer skills) and the willingness to work weekends, we would love to hear from you.  Seasonal sales clerks will have the benefit of incredible employee discounts while employed and hey, you get to work around a bunch of fun people!  If you work seasonally in a retail environment during Christmas, we would love to establish a long-term recurring seasonal work relationship... in addition to our current one! Simply click on this link for an application, print it off, fill it out, and bring it in!


Two final notes: Even if the sun is in scarce supply this weekend, Spring Forward anyway; daylight saving time goes into effect this Sunday at 2am. Our hours stretch accordingly; beginning Monday March 11, we will be open until 5pm Monday through Saturday.  We are officially on the verge of spring…come on out and enjoy!


David Bates


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