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November Changes

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November Changes

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What a difference a week can make.  It seems Mother Nature has taken the change of seasons in a rather lethargic pace.  As you may recall, this time last week, we were dealing with temperatures in the mid-seventies with a lot of dust to boot.  Since November has arrived it has rained, and with that rain the dust has abated.  We are also headed for much cooler temperatures; forecasted to be about 30 degrees cooler Saturday, than one week ago.  It matters not whether it is a seasonal or climatic event; we are having, November changes.


So, here we are, dealing with November changes. With regard to gardening, is now prime time.  There should be no delay.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re planting pansies, trees or shrubs, now is the time.  The weather for this weekend looks perfect for November.  Sunshine and forty-eight degrees in November makes for glorious gardening.  It is time to dig in the dirt!


Success probability in any project becomes a greater statistical reality with proper planning.  That is to say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  To be sure, there is a time and a place for a whimsical, devil-may-care approach.  Of course, when I say devil-may-care, I mean freewheeling, happy-go-lucky, harum-scarum, rakish, slaphappy, carefree, raffish, natty and jaunty.  I’m not even sure what raffish, natty and jaunty actually mean, but that is the kind of reckless abandon I am talking about.  You can take that approach to gardening (obviously to writing also), but your positive results may be spotty, as I have just demonstrated…or: Ask questions, we’ll help!


Better, more consistent, and attractive results come with a bit of planning.  Yes, you can plan and still leave room for whimsy.  We are only too glad to help you in that process.  Bring photos on your phone or tablet.  Pictures really help tell the tale.  We’ll help you get the right plants, in the right place, whimsical or otherwise. 


We’re celebrating November Changes with 10% off all Trees, Including Japanese maples!*



David Bates


*In-store purchases only. 


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