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Nestlings and Neophytes

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Nestlings and Neophytes

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As gardeners, we all start gardening sometime.  When we start gardening, we are neophytes; we are beginners.  After a bit of maturing and acquiring of information, we become nestlings in gardening; not fully mature, but more understanding.  Whether gardening is a new activity for you, or you’ve been at it a while, there is always much more to learn.  In that respect, we’re all nestlings and neophytes. Learning about the nature of plants reveals the fact that beyond every layer of knowledge, yet another layer is exposed.  True gardeners never halt their pursuit of horticultural acumen; that onion possesses unlimited layers.


As professional plant people, we’re always talking plants.  We talk to you.  We talk to each other.  (Sometimes we talk to ourselves….) We’re all in the search for answers. Answers to those nagging nitpicks that gardening often presents.  We don’t know it all.  No one does. Collectively however, we are able to cover a pretty wide swath of information.


How do you parse, the vast sea of seemingly insatiable, nuanced notions, of landscape lore?  Where do you begin?  We hope you begin here: www.batesnursery.com.  Our website is much more than a few pretty pictures.  Within the walls of it, lie a vast storehouse of of experience: our experience, and we want to share it with you!


From, “The At Home Show”, to “Bates Nursery Botanical Boot Camp”, to “It’s Worth a Grow”, to “ProTips”, every video is densely filled with information, including a few sprinklings of levity.  Gardening is supposed to be fun!  We want to make the process enjoyable.  Our entire inventory is searchable online. Subscribe! Follow! Facebook YouTube Instagram.


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