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Native Nashvillians

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Native Nashvillians

We’re talking natives on, “The At Home Show” Saturday at 8am with guests Kim Bradley and Pandy Upchurch of TWRA!


Although it is widely accepted that few who live in Nashville are actually from Nashville, I for example, am an exception.  While there aren’t as few as many perceive, those who now reside here from elsewhere commonly refer to people like me as ‘unicorns’, in that we are about as abundant and frequently seen as the aforementioned.  One of the biggest adjustments new residents have to make in gardening: choices in flora.  If you happen to formerly reside in the northern tier of states, the great southwest or SoCal, the plant material you encounter in Nashville may seem as foreign and unfamiliar to you as a chance encounter with one of us unicorns. 


One of the greatest things you can do for your garden, as well as your gardening efforts, is the use of native trees and shrubs.  When you use natives, you are making your life in the landscape a bit easier.  Nature has already given these local beauties its ‘stamp of approval’.  They are naturally easy to grow, and the fauna is already accustomed to, and have developed a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship, with them.


I’m not suggesting the need for exclusive use of natives, but I am suggesting making allowances for them in your gardening space.  You probably already have several, and never realized it.  Therefore, you should do an inventory, an overview of your existing plants.  For the best information regarding natives I suggest you begin by watching two webinars from BNBBC about natives and biodiversity: Planting Native Species and Native Plants 201. You can get additional biodiversity information by watching our fabulous Joy Boven, discuss: Planting for Biodiversity.


We are excited to have long-time friend Kim Bradley returning to “The At Home Show” this Saturday morning.  We are pleased to also welcome Pandy Upchurch from TWRA.  Kim and Pandy will discuss the importance of natives and biodiversity.  Tune in to The At Home Show, with calls, or text your questions: 615-499-6690!


David Bates


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