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My Fifteen Minutes

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My Fifteen Minutes

25% off all annuals in ‘flattop’ greenhouse; 50% off all vegetable plants & bagged EarthMix® Garden™


It appears Andy Warhol was right.  He is attributed with coining the quote, “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”.  The future has arrived sooner than expected.  Fortunately, I’m not being featured on ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, or ‘60 Minutes’; I am still very much alive, and I am not under investigation for some nefarious act…that I know of.  ‘Nfocus Magazine’ recently contacted me and conducted an interview and a photo shoot.  When I think of Nfocus, I think of style, food & drink, arts & culture and events around Nashville.  So how could I possibly fit into any of those categories?  Well, as it turns out, they also feature ‘People and Places’.  But moi?  It is quite a ‘reach’ for a publication that deals with, and to, societies’ finer things.  I am honored they had the interest; I never figured myself to ever be featured in a prominent social publication.


Actually, I’ve already had my fifteen minutes, many times over. If you wish to see what has been put forth about me this time, you can pick up a free copy of Nfocus magazine (available all over town), or simply click here.  There is also a link on the Bates Nursery & Garden Center Facebook page.


Enough about me.  Let’s talk about you and your garden for a moment.  June has officially arrived. Our chances for precipitation are excellent over the next several days. We are all grateful to have rain in the forecast. As spring begins to draw to a close, there are always a few details to deal with.  Perhaps some early plantings didn’t quite work out as planned, or you have decided to convert another area to color.  Whatever the case, we want to help your process along. Through June 13, 2019, all annuals in the ‘flattop’ greenhouse are 25% off.  Also, we are extending 50% off discounts on vegetable plants and bags of EarthMix® Garden™.


We are here to help you,


David Bates


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