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Mom’s Gardening Kingdom of Wonder

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Mom’s Gardening Kingdom of Wonder

Remember, it’s Mother’s Day weekend!  We have everything your mom wants!


Now that Mother’s Day weekend has arrived,  it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the wonder and nurturing nature of all mothers. In years past, I have previously mentioned, this special day has its roots in the early 20th century, conceived by Anna Jarvis as a way to honor the sacrifices mothers made for their children, and officially became a national holiday in 1914. Today, it serves as a heartfelt reminder of the beauty and strength found in motherhood, much like the vibrant life found in a well-tended garden.


This Mother’s Day, why not gift something that grows, symbolizing your ever-growing appreciation for your mom? At Bates Nursery, we offer a spectacular variety of living gifts that would delight any gardening mom. Imagine her joy at receiving a living rose bush, bursting into bloom, or the serene beauty ofhydrangeas in bud and bloom. Our selection doesn’t stop there; we house every kind of perennial imaginable, not to mention the most extensive collection annuals, in addition to vegetable plants.


However, the gift likely doesn’t simply end with just the purchase. Show your love by lending a hand—digging the holes and preparing the soil with our premium EarthMix® soils and amendments, ensuring these plants thrive under your ‘joint’ care. It's not just about giving a gift; it’s about spending time together, creating a living tribute that will grow and flourish:  the memories of life, that are worth creating!


For those who might find choosing the right plant a challenge, remember that a Bates Nursery gift card (click here), can be the perfect solution. Our gift cards can be purchased in any denomination, and emailed directly to her, ensuring a gift that truly matches her green thumb dreams.


Saturday morning, live at 8 AM, we honor our mothers; moms get priority on gardening questions asked on: “Gardening Inside Out”. Listen to our Podcast anytime! Follow/contact us:  FacebookEmail Instagram

This Mother’s Day, give her a garden kingdom of wonder; she will enjoy every day!


David Bates


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