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Memorial Magnificence

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Memorial Magnificence

All vegetable plants and bagged EarthMix® Garden™ are 50%* off through May 31! *In store purchases only. 


It's the time of year when many begin to think that spring is nearly over with summer now staring us in the face. It has gotten a bit warmer, a bit sooner than many of us like. It doesn’t mean spring is over, just yet. Overall, the weather conditions could not be more perfect for putting the finishing touches on your garden.


This is the time of year when the question begins to be asked. “When is it too late to plant?”  You might believe that it is now too late to plant.  Not so.  It seems everyone wants to know “What’s the best time to plant?”.  I usually answer “3:30”.  That normally gets a reaction from whoever is inquiring, and that is exactly what I hope.  First, I am able to discern if they are listening, secondly, I am trying to make a point.  For the overwhelming majority of plant items, “time to plant” is as relevant to time of day as time of year; that is to say, not really relevant at all.


All gardeners know that watering is a summer-long endeavor.  Everything that’s been planted this spring will need watering all summer.  The knowledge of that, is what actually separates true gardeners from wannabe’s.   Those less experienced may claim to not ‘have luck’ with many plants, particularly as the weather warms.  In reality, luck rarely enters into the equation of success in growing plants. This is luck: We have received a huge shipment of schip laurels and boxwoods!


So, since you’ve got the hose out, you might as well catch a few excellent deals we have to offer. Through May 31, we’re offering you our entire selection of vegetable plants, and bags of EarthMix® Garden™ at 50%* off through May 31  *In store purchases only.   We’ll be open an hour early on Memorial Day at 8am, and we will close at noon.


Scribe your gardening questions, and submit them here.  We answer them, every Saturday morning: “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing!


David Bates


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