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Maskless, Magnolias, and Muggy

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Maskless, Magnolias, and Muggy

Just trying to keep up with the changes!


I was certainly pleasantly surprised last Friday morning to learn that the mask mandate was being lifted for persons who have been vaccinated.  I have heard no complaints from our cast of characters, here at the nursery.  Indeed, with the muggy conditions forecast just ahead, the timing couldn’t have been better.  To be sure, our largely outdoor shopping environment, and well ventilated everywhere else, provide an added sense of security to those with concerns. Of course, you are welcome to continue to wear a mask.  We want to accommodate you needs in any way we can. 


Since I already mentioned ‘muggy’, I should probably mention the return, of what every hydration conscious gardener knows and desires: iced bottled water, as in ‘free while you shop’, iced bottled water. After all, there is nothing worse than a dehydrated unconscious gardener.  Homey don’t play that.  So, keep on gardening, stay hydrated, and remain conscious.

Now, due to the established fact that you will be hydrated, and therefore likely conscious, there is a group of trees that declare you are in the south: Magnolias.  Whether you fancy Southern Mags or Sweetbay Magnolias, summer swelter signals sublime selections of these scented sweeties.  We just happen to have an incredible selection of magnolias; check them all out by clicking here.


Because there is no way humanly possible, to peruse all of those stately specimens without wonder setting in, our very own Austin Lohin will talk magnolias on, “The At Home Show” this Saturday at 8am.  If you click on, “The At Home Show” link, you will be magically teleported to a zone of intense information, punctuated by the occasional moment of levity. Additionally, you will further be treated to the horticultural stylings of Carrie Gant.  And, in the event you overslept and missed the show, or it’s now Tuesday and you’re just getting around to reading this, “The At Home Show” airs ‘on-demand’ via YouTube. So, in addition to the aforementioned experts, join Josh, Michael, Tyler, and me.


Keep on Gardening,


David Bates


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