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**Mandated Changes**

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 **Mandated Changes**

Governor Lee mandates Stay At Home; an essential business update…


Some 45 minutes prior to yesterday’s newsletter, Governor Lee issued a much stronger ‘Stay At Home’ order.  If you read yesterday’s newsletter, you know that I agree with that assessment of our situation.  Indeed, we are moving about at great peril.


These are most difficult times. 


Therefore, every essential business that remains open is inundated.  We are no exception.  An overwhelming crush of requests continue to flood in; this tsunami of changes that all of us as individual businesses must handle, becomes magnified.  My ever-expanding staff, and I, are completely overwhelmed.  Yet we continue to try to adapt.


To be sure, were we going through this pandemic event in mid-summer, it would be quite different. We are however, going through this at the onset of our absolutely busiest time of year.  It is the time of year where we make our living. We want to find a way to meet your needs, while preserving our own health.  I do not want to be guilty of confusing the priority, and difference, between our physical and fiscal needs.


Therefore, we will initiate our #ShopAlone policy, effective immediately.  Additionally, we will further reduce our hours.  Beginning Monday, April 6, we will be open Noon-4pm every day.  Further, all in-store shoppers will be required to park in the paved parking area, in front of the garden center.  This will further limit the number of shoppers at one time.


Be prepared to shop largely self-service, as we necessarily shift our focus to accommodate online orders.


The gravel parking area will be used to facilitate our website generated, curbside pickup orders:


You will notice the presence of security personnel to aid in direction of traffic.


Also of note: we have stopped taking live phone calls.  If you have a message that needs to be left, please do so, and we will return your call as soon as possible.  There will almost certainly be a delay of several hours before we are able to do so.


We ask for patience and prayers,


David Bates


  1. Joy Boven Joy Boven

    Hi Sara,

    We prefer that you order online to limit the number of onsite shoppers. Our entire plant inventory is available and updated in real time on our website.

  2. Sara Figal Sara Figal

    Would you prefer online orders or on-site shop alone?
    Please don't hesitate to ask for help. You are an essential part of our community, and we want to make sure you are able to endure this unsettling period!

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