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Lion or Lamb?

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Lion or Lamb?

March arrives Friday…and we’re OPEN Saturday!


It has been said that if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.  What happens if it comes in like a lamb?  Does it go out like a lion, or maybe some other animal, perhaps a groundhog? Does the lion or lamb moniker refer to the first day only, or is it the first days? Exactly where does this beginning of month weather to animal traits lore come from? Does it really mean anything at all?  Who decides whether the weather is lion or lamb worthy? 


It appears the earliest references to this saying are from European sources from the 1700’s.  Another thought is astrological in origin: At the start of March, the constellation Leo (the Lion) is on the eastern horizon at sunset. By the end of the month, Aries (the Ram) is on the western horizon. 


As much as we have collectively enjoyed the last of February, and it has been nice, March normally has major mood swings.  The first day of March is Friday.  The weather looks to be tame enough.  High temperatures are forecast to be in the upper 40’s to near 50 degrees, with overcast skies.  Saturday looks better with partly cloudy conditions and mid-fifties, sounds like a lamb, right? Not so fast.


As Sunday begins the new week, our old friend rain returns, but only for a day.  We should receive about a half-inch of rainfall; seemingly tame weather.  Then the clearing comes with a vivid reminder: It may be March, but it is still winter.  There could be a bit of frozen stuff at the tail end of the rain.  The temperatures will fall to the lowest we will have experienced in over a month.  We will have low temperatures in the lower twenties to upper teens for three consecutive nights.  Daytime high temperatures will not exceed forty degrees until Thursday.


So, our first week of March weather appears to be lion-worthy.  I interpret that as good news. I do know this: We are open Saturday!


David Bates


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