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Late Winter Gardening

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Late Winter Gardening

A few thoughts about timely gardening interests…


We are officially halfway through February. Gardening excitement is building! There are a number of things you should be thinking about; or at least thinking about thinking about. As we make our way through the final stages of winter, there are things, that will be to your advantage to take care of now, as opposed to waiting for some future unknown date, likely connected with warmer weather. It seems that warm weather gets us all motivated. I totally get that; I am susceptible to it myself. I do want to bring a few things to your mind that can, and should, be considered as motivation to get you moving towards spring.


Hellebores should be at the first item of your late winter gardening list.  They are the initial indication that winter’s days are numbered.  We have an unrivaled selection: view them here.  Additionally, make sure and check out this video about our hellebores, you’ll be dazzled by our diverse display!


Weeds are a problem in every gardening effort. Many times, those problems can be alleviated, or at least, greatly reduced, by the application of pre-emergent herbicide. This type of herbicide relies on being applied, while the ground is devoid of vegetative growth. Pre-emergent herbicides do not kill weeds, but they do prevent many of them from germinating, and therefore growing into the monsters, they frequently become. If you’re looking for a non-chemical approach: Weed Barrier Fabric.


Colorful wintertime companions, such as camellias, offer great color and texture to the landscape. Ben Trest, a landscape specialist here at Bates Nursery, gives his thoughts in an extended information program. If you’re struggling with, or curious about camellias, this will certainly help you know what to do.


We’re saying our last ‘good-bye’s’ to winter weather… hopefully!  You have most certainly been calling us; we have another way to give answers about your garden. Every Saturday morning, live at 8 AM, we clarify your gardening questions on: “Gardening Inside Out”. Listen to our Podcast anytime! Follow and contact us:  Facebook EmailInstagram.


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