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Last Sunday

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Last Sunday

The Last Sunday of the season; everything that grows, now 15% off!


Last Sunday was a splendid day; at least until 3pm.  The rain held off for a few hours and allowed folks to get their landscapes in shape. This Sunday is the last Sunday we are open, for fall, and the year.  That means we’re collectively beginning to make the turn towards the holiday season.  The change back to standard time also sends a strong signal; colder weather will soon arrive.


The first taste of that cold will arrive this weekend.  Most of the area will experience, for the first time this fall season, low temperatures in the twenties.  While that fact is noteworthy, it should not be alarming: It happens every year.  There is a part of all of us that wants to hold on to the mild days for as long as possible. 


I’m no exception.  I have a fig tree at my house, it is actually more of a shrub, that is 6’ x 6’ and loaded with figs.  Unfortunately, they are mostly green.  While I most certainly will pick any fruit that is showing color, there are a couple of hundred immature fruits that are not close to being ready. 


There is a part of me that wants to cover the fig on these cold nights and try to get a bit more fruit over the next couple of weeks, but I probably won’t.  It may be that you still have some green tomatoes or peppers coming along and you are dealing with the same dilemma. Even if they are green, it is worth harvesting those.  Of course, you could construct a small cold frame, cover it with plastic, and extend the season.  You probably won’t either. It takes time, and there is only so much to go around.


There is time to save.  Through Thursday November 15, 2018, BatesRewards members (that’s yousave 15% off all plants.  This special offering includes all trees, shrubs, groundcovers…everything that grows, and is currently on-hand, is discounted across-the-board!  Remember: this is the Last Sunday!


David Bates


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