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Landscape and Garden

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Landscape and Garden

Bates Nursery voted, ‘Best of Nashville’; In the Garden with Bates Nursery, gets second best ‘blog’ vote!


It’s not a good time to be speechless.  I truly feel overwhelmed. No thing ever accomplished, or acknowledged by others, is EVER based solely on the efforts of a single individual.  This is no exception.  Even though I’m part of the equation, a most incredible set of other individuals, do the heavy lifting. They make Bates Nursery what it is, and they do it daily.


There are four individuals who have been through the ‘thick and thin’.  While I am very appreciative of all members of our staff, these four have done it all, and seen it all. 


Julie Patterson: Julie finds and orders every plant that arrives.  She is a one-of-a-kind plant-procuring savant.  She is the voice of information you will most frequently hear. Her diligent and professional approach sets the standard.


Paula Crawford: Paula purchases all of the hard goods: tools, fertilizers, organic pesticides, pottery, etc.  She daily studies the products you want and need, even if you don’t know you want and need them.


Adam Chapman: 19 years ago, he arrived as a wet-behind-the-ears horticulture graduate from UT Martin.  He is now a seasoned nursery veteran who has taken a front-row seat and never looked back.  We share a brain: I’m not sure that is a compliment, but it’s supposed to be.


Sherry Gray: As our bookkeeper, she is decidedly the most behind-the-scenes of all. In addition to her mastery-level accounting acumen, she also proofreads every blog/newsletter that goes out.  I appear more articulate than I actually am, because of her.


This newsletter/blog, In the Garden with Bates Nursery, placed second in the Readers poll!  That, my friend, is because of you.  Thank you for being a loyal supporter and reader of what I put forth!

To help keep tree planting rolling, we will give a free bag of EarthMix® Landscape™ with every #15 size deciduous tree and larger (a $12.99 value). Smaller deciduous trees receive a free bag of EarthMix® Garden™a $6.99 value)!


David Bates


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