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La Sombra

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La Sombra

Say ‘adios’ to voids in shade gardens!


Mid-May typically ushers in warmer temperatures, and this year is no exception. The pleasant coolness of early spring inevitably gives way to the transition period before summer. If you've been longing for greater warmth, your wish has been fulfilled. Thankfully, the current temperatures are warm without being sweltering.


The initial signs of heat prompt many to seek shelter in the shade, and that's one of the advantages of shade gardening—you don’t have the sun beating down on you. However, gardening in the shade means a selection of plants, with fewer choices, due to reduced light. It's essential to choose shade-adapted plants; otherwise, the beauty of a new selection would be in vain, if it's not suitable for shady conditions.


When you come out now to peruse around, it is clear where the shade plants are: under the shade structure. (My staff lovingly refers to our new connected structure as the ‘Batestrium’)We devote a lot of space and a lot of resources to shade gardening.  With so many folks having copious amounts of shade, you deserve to have a diverse selection of flora from which to choose!  Additionally, having plants clearly ‘under the shade structure’, or not, helps you to know intuitively whether a selection under consideration by you, is a worthy candidate for the spot you have in mind.


With the likely retreat towards the shady side of the yard upon us, you will no doubt notice some areas where both light and foliage seem to be lacking.  We continue our search; providing a vast selection for your choosing: from hydrangea to hosta; pachysandra to prunus, or azalea to acer; some ‘stretch’ the boundaries, and can also tolerate sun. 


We have stocked the greenhouse to the gills again with truckloads of annuals, veggies and color galore. We have the staff that is ready, willing and able to answer your gardening questions.  


Jot down your gardening inquiries and submit them here.  We answer your questions, every Saturday morning: “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing… with confidence!


David Bates


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