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Just Around the Corner

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Just Around the Corner

New shipments have arrived; fall color galore!


Even though our weather is warming a bit for the weekend, we have certainly experienced a taste of autumn this week.  High temperatures on Monday and Tuesday were only in the upper 70’s, and barely above 80 degrees yesterday.  On Sunday, many areas received an inch or more of rainfall.  When you combine seasonal cooling of temperatures, with excellent soil moisture, you get conditions that are near perfect for planting.  Indeed, fall is just around the corner.


We have received shipments from every major supplier this week.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we have now indeed received our shipments of container grown trees.  The tree sale over the past couple of weeks did create the much-needed room for these beautiful specimens.  Our selection now has the diversity of size and selection you expect to see when looking for fall tree plantings.


We are a proud seller of Monrovia plants. Monrovia has an unrivaled selection of quality plants.  The branded ‘Monrovia’ containers are everywhere you look at Bates.  We ship from all four of their locations: California, Oregon, Connecticut, and Georgia.  With locations in different climates, Monrovia has the ability to achieve a level of selection and quality that is unrivaled in the nursery industry.  You may see Monrovia plants elsewhere, but you will not find the across-the-board-A-to-Z display of what this great grower offers anywhere other than Bates Nursery.


Possibly the most anticipated shipments we receive at Bates Nursery are those that arrive from Iseli Nursery in Boring, Oregon.  There is nothing boring about their plants.  Iseli Nursery specializes in artful forms of conifers and specimen Japanese maples.  Words fail to adequately describe the beauty we now have on-hand.  You must come out and have a stroll through their colorful conifers!


Pansies, violas, flowering kale and cabbage, and most every other fall ornamental plants are now here. 


By the way, we are looking to add an additional delivery driver.  No special driver’s license needed; just able bodied and responsible; click here for application.


David Bates


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