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It’s Your Move

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It’s Your Move

Our selection is at its pinnacle; act now for maximum selection!


If you’ve ever played checkers, or chess, inevitably there comes a time in the match where your opponent utters these words: “It’s your move”.  Even if delivered at the most dulcet and nonchalant fashion, this succinct message still carries a hint of urgency. In only three words, the idea of needing to make a decision, and to then act on that decision, is fully conveyed.


We live in a world so full of hype and hyperbole; it is nearly impossible to sort fact from fairy tale.   To be sure, my writings at times cover both extremes.  It is my belief, as a regular reader of this newsletter; you have full knowledge as to when I’m ‘spinning a yarn’, or sharing factual information.  I want to make sure you understand: This is the latter.


When you come out to the nursery, it may appear we have an absolute abundance of everything.  Julie Patterson, our green goods purchasing agent extraordinaire, does a magnificent job.  But even Julie can’t squeeze ‘blood out of a turnip’.  In the coming weeks, we anticipate a marked reduction of availability in flowering annuals.  To some extent, this happens every year, but never before this early.


Here’s my message:  If in the past, you have only used specific colors of specific flowering plants, this may be the year where you should consider alternate selections.  If you wait until next week, or the week after, hoping that the exact thing you are hoping to plant will arrive, the likelihood of there being fewer choices, not more, is almost certain.


You cannot make the best choices, lacking information.  My aim is to accurately inform, in advance of shortages.  If these are things that you have concern about, do not wait.  It’s your move.


We seek to enlighten with a smile.  Whether we’re discussing plant culture or availability, we strive to educate.  “The At Home Show” airs live, Saturdays at 8am; leave a voice mail question, or text anytime: 615-499-6690. BNBBC answers your gardening questions.


David Bates


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