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It's Halftime Folks

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It's Halftime Folks

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Even though spring actually starts in March and ends in June, it seems to me, that spring exists primarily in April and May.  With April now stepping aside, we are for all intents and purposes at the midpoint of spring: Halftime.  In sports, halftime is a time of assessment of what has taken place already, and what adjustments need to be made to insure success.  It appears some sports teams have failed to get that memo.


As per usual, the time warp that is life has slipped another month past, all too quickly.  It is not unusual that many novice gardeners begin to get antsy.  What we find interesting is that those concerned individuals are often split.  About half are concerned that it is too early to plant, while the other half is sure it’s too late.  Experience shows that neither is true.  We are in the sweet spot of the prime-planting season.  Rainfall only makes it better in the long run. The weather next week looks to be spectacular; this weekend might be your best opportunity to gather-together everything for the planting of your gardens!  We are loaded with prime inventory.


As sweet as your pansies may look and smell, it is time for them to go.  Heartbreaking as it is,  I can offer you this: If you find you simply can’t ‘pull and pitch’, we will freely supply you with as many 1 gallon-sized nursery containers as you need, to transplant your pansies into… and keep for a few more weeks.  They also make great gifts for sharing with your gardening friends.  Do this now for best gardening success!


If you thought we were stocked last weekend, Julie, Joy, Melissa, Bridgette, and Jane, have done it again, with truckloads of annuals and veggies galore. We have the staff that is ready, willing and able to answer your gardening questions.  


Intensely ponder your gardening inquiries and submit them here.  We answer your questions, every Saturday morning: “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing!


David Bates


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