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It Changes Us

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It Changes Us

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Okay, here it comes”.  That is the first thought I connect, with the use of the phrase, “with all due respect”.  Four words lifted from those who practice law, and intended to properly preface a view of diametric opposition, in a courteous fashion.  Nowadays, we hear that phrase being used in conversation; however, the courtesy often seems to frequently, have been lost.


I know I am about to show my age.  There was a time, when people of opposing views could disagree, without being disagreeable.  Apparently, there is money to be made, using the ‘divide and conquer’ technique.  We are all susceptible, self-included.  That is precisely why I avoid the news…like… (metaphor deleted).  With all due respect, I’m incapable of dealing with the overwhelming majority of the broadcasted information put forth.  For me, it’s a dangerous playground.


I often claim to “never watch the news, or read newspapers” (remember newspapers?) That’s not true. I have the distinct tendency to be an all or nothing individual.  Here’s the problem with that premise: we all have our devices; you’re on one now.  It is impossible to completely avoid ideas, or concepts, or occurrences, that are uncomfortable.  Information is everywhere.  Some of it is useful.  How are we to separate the wheat from the chaff?


That’s where gardening comes in.  Gardening connects people.  Gardening does not change everything in the world for better, but it changes us.  Gardening is the Velcro of society.  When discussing favorite tomato varieties, or blight problems on a pear tree, we stick together securely.  No one is an absolute authority on everything in the great plant kingdom. Nature, by way of gardening, is the great arbiter of equality.  None of us are more, or less; we’re all still trying to learn.


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David Bates


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