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Helping Us Help You

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Helping Us Help You

We’re marching towards spring; come along for our wonderful Emerald Anniversary journey!


With March only days away, the fever and fervor of springtime is rapidly descending upon us.  We have been working diligently these past months of winter, in preparation.  You will see changes.  We can’t be our best by standing still.  It is true that, “time waits for no one”.  We are feverishly working towards completion of our new shade structure.  We’re at least a week away from finishing.  Additionally, we are in the final stages of our annual/vegetable greenhouse refurbishment.  We’ve raised the roof, and created a vastly superior shopping environment! The rains this week have not been unwelcome, but it has definitely slowed progress.


Being blessed with a 90-year history is amazing; I hope to share some Emerald Anniversary thoughts along the way… there are far too many recollections to cover in a single week. It is my hope to honor the efforts of my family, and the many other wonderful personalities that have left us memories, indelibly etched.


Before we move on, a bit about anniversary names.  While anniversary designations such as ‘Silver’for a 25th, ‘Gold’ for 50th, or ‘Diamond’ for 75th are well known and accepted, 90th anniversary has no such ‘official’ moniker. I did find a mention to ‘Emerald’ regarding 90th anniversaries. I think ‘Emerald’ anniversary is fitting, considering all the horticultural ‘greenery’ we utilize!


Spring is definitely forthcoming; it will likely seem like spring next week!  That is about right, considering that March arrives on Tuesday. Before you come out to visit, I want you to consider adding your talents to our staff at Bates.  It takes a lot of intelligent, engaging, and personable individuals to ‘make it all happen’.  I’m thinking you just might be a good fit.  Although we have full-time positions available, I believe your talents would be a great addition, if only seasonal and/or part-time.  I hope you will consider.  Check out our complete job list here, and get the ‘perks’ that come with being a Bates staff member!


See you soon,


David Bates


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