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Gardening: A Learning Experience

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Gardening: A Learning Experience

Introducing Bates Nursery Botanical Boot Camp; and…Nashville Scene, “Best of” voting begins (Click here)! 20% off EVERYTHING* extended!


The gardening harvests are rolling in.  This is the time of year where you realize just how valuable your garden actually is.  Forgotten? Check out the price of tomatoes, or squash, or okra in the market.  You have made a prudent investment in gardening.


Whether you’re strictly into vegetable gardening, or have a broad range of plant interests, you no doubt have questions.  We all do.  We’re taking steps aimed towards making your gardening efforts the best they can be.  We have the great fortune to have a staff of horticultural experts.  They also have a great many specific gardening passions and specialties.  Drawing on the wealth of experience of our landscape specialists here at Bates Nursery, we are bringing you a weekly series covering a wide range of gardening topics and how-to demonstrations.


We proudly introduce, Bates Nursery Botanical Boot CampBates Nursery Botanical Boot Camp (BNBBC) is a Zoom broadcast.  Once or twice a week, we will begin putting forth live presentations/demonstrations over a wide variety of landscape and gardening issues. Tune in this week; please pre-register by clicking each link.


First webinar:

12-12:30PM Tuesday, August 11

Pruning: What to Snip and What to Skip with Ben Trest
Ben Trest
, Landscape Specialist at Bates Nursery, walks participants through seasonal pruning needs and methods. Learn what can be safely pruned now, and what should be pruned in the spring. Ben will go through rules of thumb and seasonal pruning needs to ensure that trees and shrubs remain healthy and attractive year after year.  Join using this link:


Meeting ID: 980 5415 1530


Second Webinar:

12-12:30PM Thursday, August 13

Hands-On Summer Pruning: Tools & Methods

Ben Trest, demonstrates proper pruning methods in this 30-minute seminar followed by a Q+A period. Ben will walk participants through the tools needed for pruning followed by a demonstration of different pruning methods and what not to do when pruning.  Join using this link:


Meeting ID: 860 2609 3396

David Bates


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