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February's Gold

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February's Gold

Sunshine, warmer temperatures, and rain, bring forth late winter splendor!


It’s not spring yet, but the signs of the forthcoming arrival are becoming more evident by the day. Gold is the official color of February flowers.  Beginning with buttercups, or daffodils, if you prefer, the show is already well underway.  Perennialized plantings of these usually flower first, due to their well-established root systems. Even if you just planted some this past fall, they will soon be opening their buds, letting you know spring is nigh upon us!


Another February favorite is Witch Hazel.  You may not be as familiar with this plant, but if you want to get the earliest flowers in your garden, witch hazel is for you.  The most well-known and widely used cultivar is Arnold’s Promise. It has a majestic yellow hue; it is particularly adept at adding punch to an otherwise drab winter color scheme. There are other witch hazel cultivars, including natives: Check those out by clicking here.


One of my favorites is winter jasmine. Winter jasmine is greeting us with a golden glow this time of year.  A standout trait of winter jasmine is that it is a semi-broadleaf evergreen.  It retains most of its foliage throughout the winter and creates a deep green background for the creamy-yellow blooms.  It will do well in rocky areas where poor soil is present.  This is a great plant for use in an area where other plants have proven to be problematic.  The arching branches root easily into the soil, and it is tolerant of a wide range of light conditions.  One final note: The Chinese refer to this plant as, “Yingchun”, which means, “flower that welcomes spring”, and that it does!


Of course, there’s also forsythia!


Milder weather beckons spring.  We have worked throughout the winter in preparation of the grand event.  We are still in the process of upgrades to our shade area, as well as the (formerly flat-topped) greenhouse.  We have what you’re looking for, even if it doesn’t appear so; our plant selections are indoors currently, and they’re extensive.


David Bates


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