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Father's Day is Sunday

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Father's Day is Sunday

FREE Veggie giveaway*, plus 1 free bag of EarthMix® Garden for every $50 purchased!  Our last Sunday for spring is this Sunday…


The end of spring is drawing near. The days flow past like a river, never stopping.  Seasonal change is indelibly etched into our DNA.  The calendar seems to tick and tock, nearly as fast as the clock.  The year is approaching the halfway point.  Father’s Day is Sunday. 


His words weren’t always sweet.  He has not always won the ‘popularity award’ at home.  There have been times when you couldn’t even talk.  They haven’t all been ‘Hallmark’ moments. Despite that, you know he loves you, and you know you love him. Father’s Day is Sunday.


He’s sitting over there in ‘his’ chair, pretending to watch TV, but you know he’s really napping… actually intermittent napping.  The old man’s not awake, but he really isn’t sleeping either. I mean, who could sleep with the volume turned way up and all that snoring.  That ain’t sleeping, it is more like creative avoidance.  Sometimes he just needs to take a break.  Father’s Day is Sunday.


You take a good look at him.  Lying back in that chair, you realize, “he’s actually getting old”.  Dad still gets around pretty good, but he has definitely lost a step…or two.  He gets tired; he never used to get tired.  Sometimes he forgets where he is going with one of his trademark anecdotes, but he doesn’t let it stop him, he just smiles and says, “Oh well, I have probably told you before already!”  He has, many times. Father’s Day is Sunday.


Indeed, Father’s Day is Sunday; it is our last Sunday of the spring season, and our last Sunday to be open until fall.  We further trim our hours beginning Monday June 17.  Starting then, we will open 8a – 4p Monday through Saturday, Closed Sundays until fall.


*We invite community gardens and BatesRewards members to come out Friday beginning at 8 am.  All vegetables plants are free for community gardens and BatesRewards members, beginning Friday*… while supplies last!


David Bates



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