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Family Food Football

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Family Food Football

Tuesday edition for Thanksgiving week; special early savings, 25% off ALL plants and more!


It’s Tuesday.  This is not the usual time that I communicate.  Like clockwork, every Thursday afternoon at 4pm, this message arrives to your inbox.  It is not Thursday, and it’s not 4 pm.  So, what gives? I’m getting an early start this week for a couple of reasons.  Primarily, Thursday is Thanksgiving.  It is a busy day for us all, but especially for those engaged in preparation for the big meal.  Secondly, I am having my second cataract surgery tomorrow morning.  I will be distracted (that means sedated) during the procedure; not my best time for lucid and connected thoughts.


I will likely speak further in the future regarding my cataracts.  With one down, and one to go, I am anxious to getting them behind me.  Regarding Thanksgiving festivities, it is a time where caution is thrown to the wind with respect to caloric consumption and control thereof.  As my dear departed brother-in-law Sid would say, “Don’t let fear and common sense get in the way”.  To be sure, Thanksgiving is a day focused on culinary indulgence.   Those over-indulgences are not limited to food.  There are those other two other “F” words: football and family.


When you combine family, food and football, one thing is most certain to occur: communal napping.  There is no cure for insomnia that can compete with a belly full of turkey, pumpkin pie, and whoever the Lions are playing on TV.  There is no amount of caffeine that can negate that powerful triumvirate of slumber.


Wake up! No need to wait until after Thanksgiving to save big at Bates.  Starting Wednesday November 21st, you will receive 25% off All plantseverything growing is now 25% off, along with bags of EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend.  All trees, shrubs, groundcovers, houseplants are now 25% off.  Discounts are limited to items currently on-hand. Special orders not included.


We will be closed Thanksgiving Day; open Friday & Saturday.  Bring photos of your landscape project; we’re glad to help!


Happy Thanksgiving,


David Bates


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