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Fall Fell

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Fall Fell

All the gardening goodies you’ve been looking for have arrived…including fruit trees!


As of 2:21p Wednesday, it became official:  Fall Fell.  It has arrived with full fanfare.  It has proven to be a very marked change.  Two signposts that can’t be ignored: Cool temperatures and sunshine.  If those two things alone weren’t enough, we enter this autumnal equinox with ample moisture to boot.  With the nearly daily rainfall of the week past, the soil is right for digging and for conquering those botanical interests in your garden.  We have pooled our collective horticultural forces to present a selection of…well, almost everything you could possibly want/need (is there a difference?) for your garden!


Front row center: Fruit trees, fruiting plants and nut trees.  An entire truckload arrived today.  This is, by far, the largest assortment of fruiting plants we have ever had.  The list is far too numerous to name individually, but you can check our inventory online by clicking here for: Fruits and Nuts or here for: Edible berries and Vines.  If you don’t immediately see what you’re looking for, check back; we’re updating our inventory continuously!


Iseli.  The premier grower of conifers and Japanese maples has arrived.  Our selection of these groups of plants is unmatched…anywhere.  If you’ve been waiting, wait no more.  View our Japanese maples here.  View our conifer selection here.


Monrovia.  The largest grower of quality nursery stock in the USA, and we are privileged to provide more of their quality plants to our area than anyone else.  Because of our more than 50-year business relationship with Monrovia, we are able to obtain the entire spectrum of plants that thrive in our area from their four growing facilities located in: California, Oregon, Georgia, or Connecticut.


Lastly, fall color.  We are stocked: pansies, violas, snapdragons, Swiss chard, ornamental cabbage and kale, as well as a multitude of other pretties for your fall garden.  For dazzling color throughout the cool season, remove your summer annuals and plant for fall!


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David Bates


  1. Tyler Tyler

    We currently have some smaller 3,5, and 6 gallon Rising Sun in stock. There is possibly one 6 gallon flamethrower in stock. So we can best help you, give us a call (615) 876-1014 or email us at [email protected]

  2. Matthew Matthew

    We are looking for rising sun redbud trees 4 of them And we are also looking for a flame thrower tree please let me know if you have these thank you

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