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Extending Autumn

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Extending Autumn

Mild conditions prevail; optimal time for planting!


Normally as we transition into November, we simultaneously adjust to a noticeably cooler climatic situation.  Not this year.  We are forced to deal with wonderful weather!  The splendid forecast no doubt raises questions.  Get answers to your questions here, live on, “The At Home Show” every Saturday from 8a-9a, or on-demand!


There’s no feeling of reward and accomplishment that compares to setting about to perform a task and completing it.  When that which is to be accomplished is outdoors, in the elements and the weather smiles on you, it only enriches it. Sometimes it is necessary to push through the difficulty of inclement weather.  At this time, our weather is…glorious, it won’t stay that way forever.  I have mentioned our new covered structure on a couple of occasions.  While the weather isn’t currently impacting our lives negatively, it will eventually deteriorate.  Only then will the significance of our improved facility be able to be appreciated.  We’re in no hurry for that occurrence.


There are two great times for planting shade trees or screening hedges: Now and 10 years ago. Since the latter seems to be currently unavailable, let’s concentrate on the former.  Now is the time for all good gardeners to come to the aid of their landscape.  If you are waiting for the weather to improve, perhaps gardening is not really your thing.  For those of us who relish the crisp days of autumn, there is no time like the present


Since the days where frost and freezing can resume almost any time, you should be thinking of getting any remaining summer annuals out.  I know it is difficult; parting is such sweet sorrow.  Should you choose to wait, you will be removing slimy stems as opposed to easy to pull, still firm plants.  Besides, if pansies and violas are in your plan; you need to act now while selections are still available. Selection will be limited by the lateness of the season.  This does not infer the plants will be of lessor quality, simply fewer choices available. 


David Bates


  1. James (Tyler) James (Tyler)

    Deborah, yes we have lots of laurels! Give us a call during business hours for up-to-date inventory (615-876-1014) or come in to the nursery and let one of our landscape specialists help you pick them out.

  2. Deborah vandegrift Deborah vandegrift

    I am needing some large laurels. Probably between 8 to 10. I am trying to make fence like with green plants. I would love them to grow to 6 to 8 ft. Do you have these plants.

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