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Everything and Nothing

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Everything and Nothing

Don’t let liquid sunshine keep you from remembering Mom!


So let’s just put it out there: Everything we do is pretty much outside.  Nothing is special about rain on the weekend.  Everything outside. Nothing special about rain. Everything and Nothing.  So what are we to do with an Everything and Nothing kind of weekend?  Everything…and Nothing.


For starters, Everything should be done with mom in mind and Nothing, no single detail, should be forgotten.  After all, she did Everything for you and let Nothing stand in her way.  When trying to come up with that special something for mom, you try to think of Everything she could possibly want, and you try to overlook Nothing.


I beg of you; please, please, please do not fall for the oldest line in the book, “Oh, I don’t need anything for Mother’s day, I just want you to come by and see me.”  Only children that have been raised by a pack of wolves are excused for falling for that one.  Go by and see her is a must, but her exuberance for your visit will be exponentially magnified when you bring her a flowering beauty.  When you step in that door with a flowering rose bush (click here) or a hanging basket (you might want to click) for the front porch. Of course, there are a lot of annuals and tropicals to search out at Bates Nursery! (and click here)


You see, we specialize in undoing all those little misunderstandings that might have happened over the past year. If you have any doubt as to your ability to pick out just the right thing for her, by all means, bring mom along (might want to grab her umbrella and galoshes) You might be feeling especially grateful, or sorry, and want to get her something extra special like a Japanese Maple (that’s right, go ahead and click it).  Then there is always the one size fits all approach: Gift Cards from Bates! (you know, click here!) Save time, shop Bates Online!


It’s all about MomEverything and Nothing!


David Bates


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