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Earth(Mix) Day 2022

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Earth(Mix) Day 2022

Friday, Earth Day, in-store only, 20L bags of EarthMix® Garden™ $3.99 (reg. $6.99)!

For more than fifty years, America has been celebrating Earth Day. Even though the entire world now recognizes the event, it is not as though earth days just started happening.  It has only been for the last couple of hundred years that we have begun to really press the issue, from the Earth’s prospective.  With nearly eight billion of us now living on this planet, we certainly all treat the earth like dirt, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Dirt is everywhere.  Dirt however, is much more than just granular stuff under foot.  It is alive.  At least it should be.  Some soils have been so over-used that the life has been literally sucked out of them.


As avid gardeners, we all try to get the most out of our plants.  I was raised in a time where commercial chemical fertilizers were the accepted norm.  I have really seen the light on this issue.  Even though chemical fertilizers give a quick punch that is readily available to the plant, too often much of the nutrition gets away…way down stream.  That is what makes organics a really great choice.  Leaching becomes almost non-existent.  In addition to that, the organic soils we sell, EarthMix®, have mycorrhizae fungi (one of nature’s little helpers that enable plants to more fully uptake available nutrition) and humic acid, an essential part of organic soil conditioning.


We’re celebrating Earth Day 2022. Friday, April 22, 2022, bags of EarthMix® Garden™, normally $6.99 per bag will be available for only $3.99!  This offer is in-store only; you must come in on Friday, one day only, to purchase and take home your bags of EarthMix® Garden™


Now that you have prepared your soil, you’ll want to plant the best plants.  We have our greenhouse engorged with fancy, florescent, filiferous flowers as well as vociferously vivacious veggies.  We also have perennials aplenty, gorgeous groundcovers, shapely shrubbery, tremendous trees, bountiful berries, fabulous ferns, romantic roses, naturally nurtured natives, tightly trimmed topiaries, and…shopping carts.


David Bates


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