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Double Up

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Double Up

Open Easter Sunday Noon – 4pm


It is the first time in my memory, but not the first time in my life.  Easter and April Fool’s day coincide.  Should make for some interesting sermons on Sunday morning.  The last time this coincidence occurred was in 1956, I was not quite a month old.  I have read that the Pope is cancelling April Fool’s day this year, but adding an additional day next year…sometime in late March 2019.  I have no way to discern as to whether the Pope actually decreed this or if it is an early April Fool’s joke or if the Pope CAN actually decree such, and if so, the limits of his jurisdiction.  Regardless, it seems to me, this provides an excellent opportunity for clever clergy.


The next occurrence where these events again align is in 2029.  It happens once more in 2040, then not again for the remainder of the century.  Do they make rubber Easter eggs?  Seems like someone may be missing a great opportunity here…


Hopefully this note finds you dealing well with today’s deluge.  I think it is accurate to say, “It has been a wet spring”.  Things look to be improving for the weekend.  It appears the sun will grace us with its visual presence both Friday and Saturday. Back to back days of sunshine are normally not so scarce; that is the kind of double up middle Tennessee gardeners are looking for!


When you come out for a visit this weekend, I promise you will not be disappointed.  Our first shipment of tropicals has arrived, and I must say it is a gorgeous collection.  Additionally, our selection of annuals continues to expand.  By my giving you this information, I am not certifying there is no chance of future cold weather, but there is none in the foreseeable future.


So if you’re ready to step out a bit on the edge, we have warm weather plants aplenty.  We also continue to expand our already extensive selection of landscape plants. Bring your photos! Reminder: We are open Monday-Friday until 6pm!


David Bates


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