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Dog Days Done!

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Dog Days Done!

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I don’t think it is possible to improve on the weather this week.  It is so NOT what you would expect.  Cooler temperatures.  Ample rainfall.  What more could you ask?  Being humans that we are, we always tend to want more (or less as the case may be) of whatever we’re getting.  It is so difficult to find the ‘Goldilocks’ zone where everything is “just right”.   It is my belief this is as close as it comes to perfection weather-wise, in August, in middle Tennessee.

Actually, the ‘Dog Days’ will officially expire on August 11.  Don’t bother looking back at the weather that has already passed.  Dog Days actually refers to the rising of the ‘Dog Star’ Sirius.    Sirius rises in near conjunction with the sun from late July through early August.  This celestial event was believed by ancients to be the cause of hot weather.  Our apparent escape from the extremes of August is a most welcome reprieve after a sizzling late July.  The seasonal weather windfall has many in a full-out, pre-fall frenzy. However, it’s still a bit early for mums and pansies…(later this month)!

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