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Distant Strangers and Quarreling Voices

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Distant Strangers and Quarreling Voices

You can do it now, but should you? A few suggestions for the most efficient gardening actions…


I have amazing abilities of restraint and self-control…unless I’m tempted. That is to say, it’s a lot easier to avoid eating ice cream, when there’s no ice cream in the freezer.  I have acquired a wealth of knowledge of what I should do, and what I should avoid.  Unfortunately for me, knowing better and doing better, are frequently distant strangers; simultaneously residing in my head.  They might have some vague knowledge of the other’s existence, but they act as though they are each in charge.  As it turns out, they both are.


I’m convinced: Not everyone is so intensely possessed with this divergent mindset and the associated conundrum. Most, such as yourself,  are certainly much less susceptible.  However, I do believe there are milder versions of my dilemma.  Internal quarreling voices are normal; at least think they are.


Even if your cranium is wired better than mine, there are still decisions to be made every spring.  This year, for many, if not most, gardening is a ‘target-rich’ environment.  There are seemingly more areas that need attention, than there are time and resources available. Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Break your problem areas down. If there are multiple areas that need work, do those most in need first. By chipping away at it, you will get things back in order.  That extra time you spend may allow some plants the chance to push new growth, and negate the need for replacement.


Take photos of your area(s).  Count the number of plants in each area.  Decide if you want to replant with the same thing as before, or if you’re willing to try something different. Bring us the information and we’ll help you get the process started!


Yes, we have tomato plants, and other annuals.  You SHOULD NOT plant them yet. It’s too early!


You have gardening questions; submit them here.  We answer those questions, Saturday mornings on, “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing!


David Bates


  1. Tyler Tyler

    You can expect the height to be 24-36 inches. They bloom in mid-summer and last about 6 weeks. As for colors, here is a link to our phlox selection! https://www.batesnursery.com/search/phlox+pan/

  2. Suzanne Suzanne

    Do you carry Tall Phlox? If so, would you please describe height, color, blooming season? Thanks

  3. Tyler Tyler

    For summer veggies like squash, tomatoes, and peppers, yes. You can plant many lettuces and early greens now, however.

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