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Diggin' November

Diggin' November

If re-arranging your gardens and landscaping has been on your mind, it’s the perfect time to act! With our first official freeze of the season now behind us, and ample moisture in the soil, it is the time to get your fall season planting and transplanting underway.  The time for transplanting has just begun; we’ll be discussing that much more in the coming weeks. The cool conditions make working outdoors a pleasure. Mild weather and sunshine are always welcome companions.


Let me get this straight, you mean to tell me you still have summer annuals planted?  It’s November; they’re done!  Get them out before they turn to slime, if they haven’t already.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, that task is much easier before hard frosts and freezes set in.  Now don’t get carried away, I am not talking about your vegetable garden; set up a temporary ‘cold-frame’ and cover with clear poly on frosty nights and greatly extend your harvest.  It is very cool having tomatoes and peppers late in the month, possibly into December.


The colorful remnants of shade are already littering the ground.  Some folks like to clean up their leaves all along; some wait and do it all at once.  It is also a popular practice to ‘mulch’ leaves with a mower.  Sometimes having it done by someone else makes the most sense.  Then, there are those who do nothing.  All methods work, and they’re great for composting.


Fall back this weekend.  Set your alarm for 2a.m. Sunday morning.  When the alarm goes off, set your clock back to 1a.m., go back to sleep and enjoy your ‘extra’ hour. When the alarm goes off the second time, remember to turn the alarm off, and that you’ve already set the time back. There are reports of some individuals getting stuck ‘in a loop’, like a scene from the movie, “Groundhog Day”.  There are some who choose to simply change the time back prior to bedtime; clearly, that is cheating.


The last of the pansies and violas are here, better hurry on in!


David Bates


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