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Detached is an adjective.  It is an adjective that describes a relative state of disconnect.  That state of disconnect can exist in a spatial or emotional situations. Being detached can have a variety of meanings.  A singular word that concisely describes being removed; clearly apart from something else, yet remaining in relative close proximity... but being just out of reach.


My garage is detached.  I’m unsure who came up with the concept of detaching garages, but they do exist.  It’s like having a separate house for your vehicles that kind of resembles the house you live in.  I guess if you have an aversion to living in a house that your car also resides in, the only way to deal with that is for it to be detached…it, being your garage, that is.  A detached garage can create gardening opportunities.  Even if you originally intended to not landscape the ‘car house’, once you’ve fixed up ‘your house’, it kind of seems as though the vehicles are being neglected.


Being detached emotionally can be a sign of personal progress.  With all of the goings-on in life, it is easy to get ‘caught up’ in the feelings others’ are having.  When family disagreements occur over Halloween decorations, in the front yard, it is important to remember to take the argument to the back yard.  It’s much easier for the neighbors to become detached from your family home adornment issues, when out of sight.


Since I mentioned ‘out of sight’, that is where detached retinas come into play.  I awakened last Friday morning, and something didn’t look right.  I had a dark area on the inside of my left eye.  I was advised to go to the ER if it worsened.  It did.  I did.  I had surgery for repair to my retina on Tuesday.  I am currently in a ‘face-down’ position and recuperating.  This is expected to last a week, perhaps more.  So if you come out looking for me, I’m not avoiding you; I’m simply detached.


David Bates


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