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Caught in the Quandary

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Caught in the Quandary

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There is no shortage of choices to make this time of year.  This year being 2020 has seemingly had an exponential effect. On top of what, to get for whom, we are caught in the quandary of how to connect with the ones we love the most.  At a time where we normally expect to catch-up with friends, and embrace our families in a festive holiday atmosphere, we are relegated to Zoom, or at best, an elbow or fist bump.  We cautiously, collectively celebrate: Covid cooties cannot connect across computers or cartilage.  I just needed to say that.


Yet another quandary for many is Christmas tree selection.  There’s nothing that gets the season started off better than a knockdown, drag-out fight over which fir is preferred.  Do you choose a ‘Live’ tree or a ‘Living’ tree? Conifer nomenclature can be confusing. Simply put, a ‘Live’ tree is a ‘Cut’ tree; a ‘Living’ tree still has its roots.

If you’ve decided on a ‘Living’ tree, that is where we can help.  Our very own, Ben Trest, gave some great pointers on, “The At Home Show” last Saturday, (click here to view).  There are special considerations you must keep in mind, in order to have success when making this choice.  One choice you may consider is rather than having the tree inside the house for a short period of time, is to consider decorating it on the deck or patio, where it can stay up for weeks.



The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates”, is excited to have musical guests in-studio for your holiday listening pleasure.  The Restless” will perform this Saturday.  This is the third time we have been fortunate to have this dynamic sister duo on our program! Tune in Saturday at 8am CST or replay anytime through our Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo pages.


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Bates gift cards are the best quandary removal tool!


David Bates


*in-store only; while supplies last


*In-store only, while supplies last.


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