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But Who’s Counting?

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But Who’s Counting?

February is here; BNBBC helps to get you ready for spring!


There is a multitude of information. So much so, that we people of the planet, generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of information…every day.  That’s the number 25, followed by seventeen zeros.  Another way to visualize that amount is that it is 2,500,000 Terabytes. By the way, a Terabyte is 1000 Gigabytes, so we’re talking about 2 ½ billion Gigabytes of data per day.  To somewhat appreciate just how big these numbers are, it would take about 32 years to count to a billion, at a rate of 1 number per second, providing you do it 24 hours-a-day, throughout that time period.  But who’s counting?


I’m grateful I haven’t spent my whole life counting, even though theoretically I could now be ‘north’ of 2 billion.  My actual point is this: a major challenge, for each of us, is not getting lost in the data.  We all suffer from this.  I can start with a search of, Acer japonicum ‘Rising Sun, and quickly find myself mysteriously watching videos of steam-powered tractors (they are so cool!).  I digress.  I am easily distracted.


If gardening information is what you seek, using the entire Internet to procure that answer might prove to be data overload.  Or, if you’re like me, you may lose focus, and forget what you were looking for altogether.  I suggest you begin your gardening searches here, at batesnursery.com


Our horticultural professionals create several weekly episodes of our BNBBC, Bates Nursery Botanical Boot Camp, webinars based on questions submitted by local gardening friends like you.  Over the past months, we have made, and continue to make, a methodical building of our information services.


I invite you to give a look at our upcoming calendar of BNBBC topics that we are covering, or check out our archives for past episodes.  I also invite you to check out, “The At Home Show”, where our archived content is available, and live broadcasts every Saturday morning at 8am.  Josh and I are now celebrating our 23rd broadcast anniversary…but who’s counting?


David Bates


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