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Being Independent

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Being Independent

Beginning Friday July 5, 15% off EVERYTHING extended; includes gift cards, and deliveries!


Thursday July 4, 2019 marks the 243rd celebration of our nation’s independence.  It is a day where many pause and reflect, others still, enjoy time with family and friends or simply take a break from the every day routine.  You might do all those things over the course of the day.  The collective independence we enjoy is only possible through the connected dependence that each of us has in, and on, each other.  Being independent wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t have others in our lives.


We choose the connections that make our individual independence possible, based on trust.  Every relationship that we count on begins that way.  We trust that the flip of a switch will magically allow a circuit to be completed and thereby illuminate our darkened places.  No understanding of how electrons move, from one atom to another, thereby allowing this physics demonstration to occur many times each day, is necessary. We each gain this measure of independence through dependence, on a perhaps vaguely understood, phenomenon.   We simply trust it. 


From my vantage point, being independent is deciding whom, or what, to place trust in.  For example, we have a new project going on at the nursery.  We are doing a major overhaul on our perennial area.  When we are finished, it will be a fully concreted area with a substantial portion having structural cover.  Being independent, I made the decision to undertake this project.  I couldn’t possibly achieve any measure of success in completion of this project, without a great many dependencies placed in others.  For an independent guy, I seem to be extremely dependent. I am grateful to have relationships where I can place trust in others. I don’t always have complete information. I try to simply trust the process.


So, tread carefully as you approach the flattop greenhouse; construction is underway!  Beginning Friday July 5, 2019, we will extend and enhance our 15% off sale to indeed include EVERYTHING!  Even gift cards and deliveries. Celebrate being independent!


David Bates


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