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August Ending, Autumn Beginning?

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August Ending, Autumn Beginning?

End of Summer Savings almost over; BatesRewards members get 33% off everything that grows! CLOSED LABOR DAY!

We bid farewell to August.  Yet another hot one.  By the time that August ends each year, we are all ready for it and it’s scalding days to be gone for another year.  Warm temperatures are a long way from over, but there is a discernable change in the air as September arrives on Sunday. 

Fortunately, August will not leave us “high and dry”.  The upper nineties for high temperatures have surely been endured by us all, but we haven’t lacked for rain.  For the last two summers, we have received rainfall throughout the summer seasons.  As we make the turn toward many a gardener’s favorite time of year, we have the knowledge that we won’t need to contend with powder-dry dirt.  The soils are not only moist, but unusually so, even at depth, as September sneaks in.

If you’re ready to save, the time is now.  Very soon people will be asking, “When are you going to have a big sale?”  That time would be now.  I suggest you not delay. For BatesRewards members like you, we are offering 33% off EVERYTHING that Grows!  All trees, shrubs, groundcovers, perennials, tropicals, ornamental grasses, topiaries, and on and on…

We want to help.  Please bring photos on your smartphone or tablet.  We’ll help you get the right plants, in the right place, the first time.  That’s the way we roll. We want you to not only save, but also have success in the garden.  We help assure that by proudly selling EarthMix® Garden Products!

This is the last week for Best of Nashville voting.  We appreciate you taking the time to vote for us. There are two categories where your vote would be greatly appreciated: Best Nursery/Garden Center and Best Blog. Best Blog (local) is the first listing under “Media & Politics In the Garden with Bates Nursery, is what this blog is called; under “Goods & Services”, scroll down to “Best Nursery/Garden Center Bates Nursery is all that is needed.

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