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And Summer Begins

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And Summer Begins

30/30/30/ Sale; 30% off All Flowering Tropicals, all roses, all Pottery, & Proganix –o™  


It is official.  The summer solstice begins tomorrow Friday June 21 at 10:54AM CDT.  It’s about time.  It is time to make the turn to long days and maximum opportunity to be outdoors doing what you enjoy.  You and I both know it is all about the garden.  For just a moment, you can rare your head back and shout at the top of your lungs, “I’m glad I don’t live in the southern hemisphere!”  Those poor souls way down south are pretending to be happy that it is winter, but they’re not.  It’s just an act. 


Those unfortunate ones below the equator do not get to think about things like spider mites and bagworms on their conifers right now.  We get to.  They probably don’t have the luxury of dealing with weeds and cutting the lawn.  No ma’am.  They are huddled in large groups trying to stay warm while we can stay warm without anyone else around!  Really warm.


So, since you’re all warmed up for summer, I invite you to come out for a special sale to help you get those warm weather projects underway.  We are having our 30/30/30 Sale now through June 27.  What you get is a whopping 30% off all flowering tropicals plants such as: Patio tree and bush form tropical hibiscus, shrimp plant patio trees, Confederate Jasmine, and all other flowering tropicals.  You also get our entire selection of roses, Patio trees, climbers, hybrid teas, shrub, David Austin and grandifloras; all at 30% off!


To best accentuate your new flowering plants, you’re going to need a container.  All pottery and containers from our huge selection are also 30% off.   To complete the set, our finest outdoor container mix EarthMix® Proganix™ - O is also 30% off.  A winning trifecta; huge discounts on plants, pottery and soil mix to make your patio, porch or deck area complete and ready for summer.


Remember, gardeners need hydration; free bottled water every day at Bates Nursery!


Summer Begins!


David Bates


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