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An Autumn Guy

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An Autumn Guy

That fall feeling infects us all; pansies, mums, cool weather veggies, and more; Now OPEN Sundays Noon-4p!


I say it every year; “Fall is for Planting.”  To be sure, it is not the only time to plant; it is for most things however, the best time. The advent of container grown plants has indeed expanded our ability to plant essentially twelve months a year.  In reality, most people plant in the spring and somedo in the fall. Based on what the weather gives us, it should be the other way around. We are creatures of habit.


Indeed, it is infectious.  Cool mornings, sunny, warm afternoons.  The summer heat is now a fading memory.  The cooler weather that fall affords us, is obviously welcome, even if it’s not officially fall…yet.  To be sure, there will be a few hot days ahead, but those are now the exception, not the rule.  The weather this week, and for the days ahead, makes clear, the indication of change in progress. I’m an autumn guy!


For me, autumn is ‘just right’.  Not too hot, not too cold.  The approaching autumnal equinox creates a seasonal line of demarcation. It clearly divides itself from the extremes of summer past, and winter ahead.  Spring does this as well, but I’m an autumn guy.  Spring is often a roller-coaster ride on the temperature side; it is frequently too warm too early, with frosty reminders, often painfully late in the season.  Gardening challenges abound, where contending with Mother Nature’s often uncertain springtime direction is concerned.  Spring is frequently, a mischievous temptress; that’s why, I’m an autumn guy.


We’re bringing you autumn veggies…and more! Gratefully, Mother Nature is doing her part!  Shipments of cool season plants: Pansies, violas, chrysanthemums, swiss chard, ornamental cabbage, and kale, along with edible plants including beets, bok choy, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, and many more!


Shipments of shade and ornamental trees, and fruiting plants: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, elderberries, and Paw Paws have arrived! 


Ornamental grasses: full plume!  Huge perennial shipment has arrived! Hydrangeas are here!


Everything is just right!


David Bates


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