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Adios, El Mayo

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Adios, El Mayo

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It seems like it just got here and now it is gone…May.  It's the time of year when many begin to think that spring is nearly over: Summer now staring us in the face. That is true of many years, but does not appear to be the case currently. The weather conditions could not be more perfect for putting the finishing touches on your garden. Click here for poss ible planting considerations.


We’re really grateful for the opportunity to assist you in your process.   We need to be able to take a look at what’s going on around the area in question. That’s where living in the digital age is handy. Simply take a few pictures with your smart phone or tablet and bring those along with you. This greatly assists us in visualizing your project and helps streamline the process of suggestions we make.


We have a favorable forecast for the coming days, so if your weekend timing has been a bit off for planting, it looks like the weather will be cooperating.  The good news is: it doesn’t matter whether you plant in the ground or do container gardening, the selection for planting annual flowers and vegetables is still great.  The bad news is: selections from our suppliers are running thin.  We have the greenhouse full for now, but selections will begin to wane.  Don’t delay, come on out and enjoy our selection that is second to none!


For 22 years, Josh Cary and I have been doing, “The At Home Show”, every Saturday morning.  With well over 1100 shows under our belt, we are now undertaking a new medium, and doing what we’ve always done: Talk to you, answer questions, and have fun in the process.  We invite you to join by calling in now and leaving a message: 615-499-6690. Subscribe or follow by clicking here: YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.  Since 1998, we’ve been bringing you Heavy Metal Home Improvement, The At Home Show with Josh Cary, and me


David Bates


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