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A Week Long Winter

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A Week Long Winter

A Week Long Winter


We will be OPEN Monday February 22nd!


We sailed through a mild January.  The first two weeks of February were seasonable; but we’re now in the midst of, “A Week Long Winter”.  From freezing rain and ice, to sleet and snow, we’ve seen an entire winter’s worth of weather, in a single week.  The cold temperatures have kept the ‘white stuff’ around, but our temperatures have been comparatively moderate. While this ordeal has been extremely difficult for many, it could have been much worse.  There have been some power outages, but the overwhelming majority of homeowners in middle Tennessee have been able to maintain electrical power. Our friends in Texas have not been so fortunate. The record-setting cold temperatures, along with ice and snow, and rolling power blackouts, have made life miserable for millions of people in the Lone Star state.


While it has been quite cold here this week, the insulating effects that the frozen precipitation provides will prevent most damage that might have occurred otherwise.  Expect to see die-back on edible fig trees, but don’t be in a rush to cut them back, practice patience.


My hope for you is that this week has been more in the ‘inconvenience’ category than ‘catastrophic’. This ‘week long winter’ has caused us to be closed.  Our online store is open for business, but we will not be able to fulfill those orders until Monday February 22, when our staff is able to return to work.  We also have been forced to re-schedule our BNBBC webinars that were set to broadcast this week.  Archives of past episodes, as well as our upcoming (revised) schedule can be viewed by clicking here.


The show must go on… “The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates” will broadcast live from The GreenRoom this Saturday.  Josh and I look forward to our special guest from Andersen Windows, Phil Crawley.  Phil will discuss the processes involved with premium quality windows, whether for new construction or for replacement.  Got questions?  Simply text, or call us and leave a message: 615-499-6690.


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