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A Treemendous Month

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A Treemendous Month

All* deciduous trees now 25% off for the month of November!


You would think the passing of Halloween and the approaching arrival of Thanksgiving would have given me a clue. The fact that many trees are now dropping/devoid of foliage should tip me off.  I am going to blame it on the weather.


You see, I believe the weather has been so wonderful, I simply refuse to acknowledge the story the calendar is telling.  It is November. I have untold amounts of office work that I desperately need to do, but the weather is just too magnificent.  As I write this note, the early day frost is melting away, and my mind is wandering…outdoors.  The glorious sunshine has returned, and so too have I, to my outside projects. 


There is more bad news for my ‘inside’ projects: The weather looks spectacular!  Apart from a slight chance of rain next Tuesday and Wednesday, the remainder of the week, particularly this weekend, looks to feature copious sunshine with only a cloud or two.  Mild temperatures throughout, makes for positively premium, shirt sleeved savoring, wonderful weather.


We are all a part of the growth: that is Nashville.  Unfortunately, there is a price that we are paying for this expansion, i.e. – loss of trees due to widespread construction. That has caused a ‘treemendous’ need. Fortunately, it can be mitigated.  You can be part of the solution, and we’re here to help you. Trees are nature’s best carbon dioxide scrubbers and oxygen producers. 


Our extensive selection of trees, for any landscape application, has never been better.  Our lot is fully stocked with shade, ornamental and fruiting trees of every description!  We also have a treemendous selection of, deciduous magnolia, crape myrtle and much more.  Remember to take pictures with your phone or tablet and bring along to give us better insight into your unique landscape situation.


We are offering you, a BatesRewards member, all* deciduous trees (the ones that drop their leaves) at 25% off for the entire month of November, a treemendous month indeed!


David Bates


*in-store only; excluding Japanese maples


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