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A Shady Situation

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A Shady Situation

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The one point a long, hot summer drives home is appreciation for shade.  In the days before everything became air conditioned, shade from trees is what kept mammals alive, and at least, reasonably cool.  The phrase, “made in the shade” is a euphemistic reference to, ‘living the good life’, but I suggest that you should literally ‘make your own shade’, and therefore improve the quality of the good life you have.  Unfortunately, lamenting, not having planted trees sooner, will not diminish the unrelenting heat.  Only planting a tree, or trees, will truly create a shady situation.


The best opportunity to plant a tree was ten years ago, or so.  Regrettably, we don’t get do-overs.  You still have a chance to redeem yourself.  As it turns out, now just happens to be the second-best time to plant a tree.

Right about now you’re thinking, “Bates must be ‘on’ something, because everyone knows you plant trees in the fall”, and you are right, at least that part about planting trees in the fall.   Here’s the deal: Trees once were only ‘field-grown’.  They had to be harvested when they were dormant…in the fall.  Container-grown trees have changed everything.  Now you can plant whenever you wish, without transplant shock, and with excellent results; now, or in the fall.  I swear it’s true, and I’m not on anything! 


You have made it possible for Bates Nursery to be voted, ‘Best of Nashville’, a record 18 times; the last thirteen years, consecutively.  We thank you for your vote(s).  In order for your vote to count, voting in 20 categories is required.  I have put a couple of link shortcuts here: Home & Garden, click this for Best Nursery/Garden Center ballot. For best local blog, In the Garden with Bates Nursery, (this newsletter).


So here’s the deal:  We’re offering All* shade, ornamental, and fruiting trees at 25% off!  We’re also offering our newest EarthMix® product, ReLeaf™ in bags for 25% off as well!



David Bates

*Japanese Maples excluded. In-store purchases only


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