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A Moisturizing Start

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A Moisturizing Start

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April has always received poetic credit for springtime flowers.  Certainly, the first full month of spring awakens nature in abundance.  This year, we received far more rain in May, than in April.  Now, with June only days into the month, the trend continues.  With many across the area receiving an inch or more rain early Wednesday morning, and more showers forecast next week, June is certainly off, to a moisturizing start.


We all know that the watering job will get done.  You might have a sophisticated automated irrigation system, or simply a watering can.  A shower nozzle at the end of the garden hose works well, or by simply diffusing the end of the hose with your finger (that’s the way I learned to water).  Regardless of which method you employ, the objective is to apply water at a rate where it can be completely absorbed into the soil, avoiding runoff.


Rainfall is a gardening gift.  The rains we are receiving do so much more than hand/mechanical watering can ever achieve.  Every nook, cranny, and square inch gets its equal share. Rain waters everything.  Therefore, the bounty of our growing efforts is greater, and comes with considerably less effort, be it fruit or flower.


Melissa McKay, our flowering/fruiting enthusiast and expert, shares some great tips on cut flowers.  View her video, and other content by clicking on the alternate colored font; those always link to additional content you may have interest in. Tyler Blankenship is our video content director.  He really puts a lot of effort into producing videos of interest, that also entertain.


Although rarely in front of the camera, Tyler shoots and edits our ever-growing library of content.  Make sure to check out “It’s Worth a Grow” and “Pro-Tip”, both hosted by Austin Lohin. Those segments can be found in the “Tips & Tricks” section on our website, or on the Bates Nursery Facebook page.  I also invite you to ‘tune-in’ to, “The At Home Show”; live, every Saturday 8am, or on-demand, anytime!


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